Microsoft Office 365 Review

The latest collaborated productivity suite has officially been launched as of June 28th, making it no longer available on beta. Yes, some changes have been made for the better, most revolving around scalability. This version of Office has a lot of potential but it still in line for some sharpening, or fine-tuning you can say.
Some pundits have started to say that Microsoft Office 365 is their answer to Google’s online service. I just find that hard to agree with. Just because they are working on ways to catch up to cloud services, but that doesn’t mean that they are trying to become a threat to Google. To say that Office 365 is made to compete with Google’s online services means that people are saying that Google’s services and Office 365 are in the same league....



Office 365 ranges from $24 per user per month, but this depends on your organization’s needs. Well if you compare this monthly fee to the cost of hiring resources to build a more unified communication system and manage and maintain local servers running Exchange and SharePoint. Larger businesses can transfer Active Directory and domain information into Office 365.
By shifting from a traditional on-premise offering to a cloud-based service, ...



Microsoft Office 2010 comes with two interfaces: one for administration and one for clients. For administrators that are logging into the service, there’s a specific list of tasks that they need to attend to.
When admins log into the service, they can set up users and assign roles to those users, such as Billing Administrator, Global Admin or Password Admin. Using a .CSV file, users can be added in large amounts. This system provides a sample file to download to ensure that the .CSV file has been properly formatted. Active Directory synchronization is also supported with single user sign-on. Users will be...

Office Professional Plus 2010


In order to get the best experience, users will have to install the local Office 2010 as per Microsoft’s recommendations. It was designed to work flawlessly with Office 2010. And once you start using it, you will realize that they were right. Once you avail Office 2010 Professional Plus and Office 365, you can add a shortcut to the Office ribbon to post documents to a SharePoint library.
Depending on your subscription, Office 365 comes with an upgrade for each user to Office 2010 Professional Plus. It is quite easy to deploy your software from... Read More:

Exchange Online and Outlook


The highlight of Office 365 is Exchange Online. The richest client ever is considered to be Outlook Web, at least from my point of view. Admins can consistently manage their own online Exchange server. Online management options are strong as a local Exchange server. Admins will be able to manage mailboxes by setting up usage limits, archiving, MailTips, phone and voice integration and other Exchange tasks like setting up distribution groups and adding outside... Read More:



This is a relatively new Unified Communications client that provides IM, presence and online meetings. At the same time, it also offers Office 365 users voice and video conferencing. This is not really a web service since it uses desktop software. In does include single-click meeting scheduling though, something they picked up from Communicator Mobile. The Lync server also has...Read More:

SharePoint Online


SharePoint sites are set up to use within an organization or post it for publically viewing documents, blogs, forum discussions and much more. You can build sites from...Read More:



Office 365 is generally...Read More:
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