Windows Intune Can Help Solving IT Challengese

Microsoft’s Windows Intune offering can help organizations to easily manage and secure their mobile workforce through the cloud, all without having to make on-premises investments. 

Any organization can benefit from the offering, regardless of its size, and Microsoft is highlighting some of these today, such as Save the Children, goetzpartners or eLitigation Solutions. 

Whether it comes to the global nonprofit entity, to the professional services company, or to the e-discovery firm, their most pressing IT challenges are being solved through the same solution: Windows Intune.

 “While these three organizations vary in industry and size, they have one thing in common: Their employees expect to work anytime, anywhere, with access to their information and resources,” Microsoft explains. 

“As such, each organization needs to ensure its PCs are highly secure and well-managed to help protect data and assets, keep employees productive, and streamline the cost of delivering routine management and security.”

Some of the most frequent and time-consuming challenges today are related to technology, especially with increasing workforce that covers wider ranges around the world. 

Issues that IT professionals need to resolve include infections with malware and delayed software updates, and they can all keep IT professionals busy at all times. 

“It’s our job to ensure that consultants can work productively in the office and on the road, but we didn’t have the right tools,” said Hakan Kutlug, head of information technology at goetzpartners.

With Windows Intune, these challenges can be easily solved. Companies that have a lot of field employees will benefit the most from the capabilities of Microsoft’s product. 

Through putting together Windows cloud services and a Windows 7 Enterprise subscription, the PC management and security are simplified, and customers benefit from remote assistance, software updates, hardware and software tracking capabilities and more. 

Moreover, the IT staff will be able to get a snapshot of what is happening with the PCs environments in the company. Status of updates, software, endpoint protection and more will be at their disposal at all times. 

“With this snapshot, IT staff can efficiently and proactively identify trouble spots or areas that need to be addressed,” Microsoft explains. 

All these are now available for the IT staffers at Save the Children, goetzpartners and e-Litigation Solutions. They enjoy increased security and reliability on PCs within their organizations, Microsoft notes.
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