Download Microsoft Codename Trust Services SDK and Management Tool

Today, Microsoft made available for download the Codename Trust Services SDK and Management Tool, for those interested in offering increased protection for sensitive data. With this utility, you should be able to easily encrypt stored content. 

Offering support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, the new tool is delivered as an application-level encryption framework. The application requires .Net 4.0 Framework to work. 

It can be used on both x86 and x64 environments. However, there are different downloads available for machines based on AMD and Intel architectures. 

The app is meant to prove of great help to publishers who want to encrypt content before they store it using Windows Azure storage or SQL Azure. Through the use of this tool, encrypted data is kept safe from unauthorized access by third parties.

“Microsoft Codename Trust Services is an application-level end to end encryption-based framework that can be used to encrypt stored content,” the Redmond-based software giant explains. 

“Data publishers can use Trust Services to encrypt data before it is stored in Windows Azure storage or SQL Azure, and authorized subscribers of data can decrypt data after it is read from storage.”

Moreover, the Microsoft Codename Trust Services SDK and Management Tool is meant to ensure security of data, as well as increased privacy even when it comes to distributing it to mobile employees or customers.

“Using Trust Services encrypts the data, and helps reduce concerns about unauthorized access to data by Windows Azure administrators and/or unauthorized third parties,” Microsoft explains. 

“Using Trust Services helps address data security, privacy, and sovereignty issues that might block or limit typical scenarios, such as distributing data to branch offices, making data accessible to mobile employees or customers, sharing data across businesses, and leveraging cloud scale for computation and analytics.”

The new Microsoft Codename Trust Services SDK and Management Tool is available for download from Softpedia as well, via this link.
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