Intelligent Systems on Display at Microsoft TechDays

PARIS — Feb. 9, 2012 — This week at Microsoft TechDays at the Palais des Congres de Paris, several Microsoft partners demonstrated intelligent systems for European retailers. The demonstrations fromPsionMood MediaDatronicGlobeCastWanPulseMettler Toledo and IntuiSense illustrated the future of retail technology through visual displays, handheld devices and checkout terminals with integrated data solutions that streamline shopping, purchasing and customer engagement.
Intelligent systems are well suited to retail environments, offering retailers flexibility to tailor the shopping experience to fit customers’ preferences and convenience. Microsoft estimates, based on 2011 IDC semiconductor market data, that by 2015 demand for intelligent systems within the retail industry will grow from its current level of around 15 million units to more than 28 million units.*
“Retailers are beginning to understand the value of intelligent systems,” says Lorraine Bardeen, marketing director for the Windows Embedded business for Microsoft EMEA. “The systems cater to any size or type of retailer, and all connect to the back end to provide the retailer with invaluable business intelligence.”
During the three-day event, highlights included a demonstration of an integrated experience in which ticket purchase and pickup, seat availability, film information, and even playing of the film and trailers are powered by devices and displays from Psion, Mood Media, Datronic and GlobeCast and managed through WanPulse Device Agent and WanPulse Management Server. The demonstration showcased how, in a true intelligent system, devices work together to enable a seamless customer and retailer experience. The integrated demonstrations, along with displays of stand-alone devices and solutions, offered the more than 17,000 visitors a glimpse of the future of retail technology.
Intelligent Systems at NRF
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Psion, Psion EP10
Feb. 7, 2012
In the cinema demonstration, a customer buys a movie ticket online, automatically sending a QR code directly to the customer’s Windows Phone. When the customer arrives at the cinema, the QR code on the phone display is scanned using a Psion EP10 running Windows Embedded Handheld, which automatically updates ticket availability for the show. Paris, Feb. 7, 2012.
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