Xbox 720 Has Touchscreen Controller Similar to Wii U or PS Vita, Report Says

A new report about the successor of the Xbox 360, the oft-rumored Xbox 720, has appeared, this time saying that the new console will have a controller with a built-in touchscreen, similar to the Nintendo Wii U's tablet controller or Sony's PlayStation Vita.
The Xbox 360 is here to stay, according to Microsoft, which has been experiencing impressive sales throughout the last year both in the U.S. and abroad. This hasn't stopped rumors and reports from popping up all over the web, which speculated on the features and the components of the next Xbox.

Now, Xbox World magazine, via CVG, has arrived with a brand new report about the Xbox 720.

The next Xbox is comingAccording to the mag, the new console will be a "matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect."

Microsoft is also experimenting with a tablet controller similar to the one in the Wii U. Instead of the bulky thing we have seen from Nintendo, however, the Xbox 720 will have a smaller one, similar to the PlayStation Vita.

This new controller will have the traditional Xbox buttons on either sides, while the center will house an HD screen. The magazine speculates that the controller could be used as a remote when you're watching TV content, a browser when you're on the Internet, or to display extra information when playing a game, as we've seen with the Wii U.

In terms of actual hardware configuration, XBW says that it will be fairly similar to the Xbox 360 regarding structure, but way more powerful. Sadly, all these functions, plus this presumed tablet controller, are going to result in a very high price, somewhere around $600 or €450.

We've heard plenty of rumors about the next Xbox lately, with some also mentioning a controller with a screen. Considering Microsoft isn't making any statements, however, it's impossible to know if such a thing will be packed together with a new Xbox console.

What do you think? Does an Xbox 360 with a Wii U-like tablet make sense or do you prefer simple buttons?
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