Call Me Maybe vs. Gangnam Style, Two Huge Viral Videos, Two Very Different Paths

Call Me Maybe has been one of the (annoying) viral hits of the summer and also one of the (annoying) hit songs of the summer. The two actually influenced each other, it wouldn't have gotten on radio or TV without being a YouTube hit first and it wouldn't have been such a big YouTube hit without the old-school exposure.

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In fact, this influence is a good explanation of the linear growth rate the video has seen on YouTube.

Since it was posted on March 1, it gained more and more views, at a steady pace, reaching 250 million views in six months.

It shows no sign of stopping so it's probably going to gain several tens of millions of views, hundreds maybe, in the coming months.

But recently, a contender has appeared for the title of biggest viral hit of the year, when it comes to music at least. PSY's Gangnam Style couldn't be more different that Call Me Maybe. It's still annoying, but at least it's on purpose.

The video from South Korean artist PSY, virtually unknown outside of his home country, hit YouTube on July 15 and exploded ever since.

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The crazy dance is what drew most people in and the fact that the video is a satire is probably lost on most people, but that's probably beside the point.

The video already has 150 million views and is seeing more every day. While Call Me Maybe never went beyond two million views per day, Gangnam Style is now at seven million views per day and rising.

There's also a big difference in the demographics. Call Me Maybe has been popular mostly in the US while PSY's video is watched all over the world. Still, viral videos have a tendency to burn out fast, in fact, YouTube says that Call Me Maybe's staying power is unusual.

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