Live: RIM Urges Developers to Hang on For BlackBerry 10

Once again, Research In Motion is promising its developers that great things are in store if they will just have a little more faith and patience.

For going on a couple years now, the BlackBerry maker has been pitching coders on the virtues of its next-generation operating system. But the software hat still has yet to find its way onto any phones and the PlayBook tablet–the lone device feature the QNX-based operating system, has fallen flat.
RIM is assuring developers and customers that the first BlackBerry 10 phones will arrive early next year, following several delays.

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Not surprisingly, developer interest has waned amid the delays and the company’s declining market share. According to a recent survey from Appcelerator, the number of mobile developers that are “very interested” in building apps for the Blackberry phone declined to an all-time low of 9 percent, down from nearly 40 percent as of January 2011.
Aiming to woo those that remain and perhaps lure a few off the fence, RIM is set to address a crowd of developers later on Tuesday as it kicks off its BlackBerry Jam Americas conference in San Jose. AllThingsD will have regular updates once the event begins in a few minutes.
8:25 am: Loud techno music and spinning disco lights. Just what everyone wants at this hour.
8:31 am: RIM CEO Thorsten Heins takes the stage.
“There’s actually no other place I’d like to be right now,” Heins said. Um, good, I guess.
Heins promises a new era of mobile computing that brings forward the best of BlackBerry, including productivity and security, but tailored for devices that have nearly the power of a laptop.
8:33 am: Heins promises a shift away from current mobile platforms with their “in and out” approach to apps with the main navigation being the home button.
The BlackBerry Hub, a feature being shown off for the first time on Tuesday, allows users quick access to their e-mail, social network messages and other time-sensitive info.
8:35 am: He gets in a good jab at Apple noting that the new BlackBerry 10 devices will use the same HDMI and USB connectors as past devices.
“We all can save some money,” Heins said.

8:39 am: Heins also promises a keyboard that people can actually type on — on both all-touch devices and those with a mini-keyboard.
“With BlackBerry 10 I promise it will just get better,” Heins said. “We will take predictive text to a whole new level.”
The basics are all better including a “killer, fast browsing experience” and improved camera and multimedia abilities.
“Make no mistakes, we have the must-haves,” Heins said.
8:42 am: Heins said RIM is lining up carriers to make sure there is lots of support for the first crop of BlackBerry 10 devices.
“They have said that it is beyond their expectations,” Heins said. They have said it is different and better.”
Heins said he is on a carrier road show and just got back from Southeast Asia where, in some markets, BlackBerry adoption still outpaces smartphone growth.
8:45 am: Enterprise customers are also excited, Heins insisted.
My first journalism professor said one of the most important rules is to “show, don’t tell.” Heins is doing a lot of telling.

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8:47 am: An update to the BlackBerry developer tools is coming today.
“BlackBerry 10 is on track,” Heins said, promising devices are just “a few short months away” with carrier testing starting shortly.
Heins said RIM is making believers out of people that had previously written the company off.
He also thanked developers for their patience.
“We understand the BlackBerry platform was not always easy to develop for but those days are gone,” Heins said. “You stuck with us and we thank you.”
8:50 am: Heins apparently was thinking the same as me, noting that showing is better than telling.
With that, he brings out a colleague to show off BlackBerry 10.
8:51 am: RIM is showing BlackBerry Flow, the company’s design interface.
To unlock the device you simply move your finger around, uncovering the phone’s main screen underneath. (I’m guessing a password will also be involved for many BlackBerry users.)
Another feature, BlackBerry Peek lets users glance at the hub from any application without leaving the program.


A right angle sort of gesture pulls up the hub from anywhere else in the system.

8:56 am: A people feature lets users see not just when the next meeting is coming up, but who is there as well as those people’s status updates and information on the last interactions with those people.
8:57 am: Heins notes all that is done with one thumb, so it can be done while grabbing a bag and rushing through the airport.
“It’s magic,” he insists.
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