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Full throttle with iPad.

“Thanks to the custom point-of-sales app we built in-house for iPad, our dealers feel like they are part of a community, and more integrated in the company.”
Mario Alvisi, Sales Performance Development Manager, Ducati

Building a Better POS Engine

Ducati’s distribution and sales operation spans a thousand dealers in 88 countries. As with any global company, it’s critical to maintain a consistent image throughout this network while providing accurate, current product information to help customers buy the ideal bike.
But geography is just one of the company’s marketing challenges. In addition to motorcycles, Ducati sells parts, accessories, apparel, and other products that make the Ducati experience complete. All told, there are thousands of products and customization options for dealers to be familiar with, and for customers to choose from.
In the past, sales staff struggled with poorly organized, sometimes conflicting or outdated information on product inventory, availability, and ordering timeframes, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience for customers and dealers alike.
“Our main problem was that we had so many different communication systems,” says Mario Alvisi, Sales Performance Development Manager at Ducati. “The information was there, but it wasn’t coordinated.”

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Accelerated Sales and Training

Using iPad and DCS, dealers can share clear, detailed product information and images directly with customers, streamlining the ordering process. With its intuitive interface and clear display, iPad helps keep customers focused on the excitement of visualizing the final product, making it easier to close the sale.
“Our dealers use the DCS app to communicate with the company about everything business-related,” Alvisi explains. “They can use it with a client to configure a motorcycle, customize it with options the client chooses, check the order status, exchange motorcycles with other dealers. Dealers can order spare parts, apparel, or accessories with this app. They can also create and activate a warranty, check the history of a vehicle, or anything else service-related — all directly inside the app.”
“iPad is perfect for our points of sale because, like our motorcycles, it’s fast, cool technology.”
In addition to providing engaging, immediate sales support, the DCS app on iPad acts as a training interface to keep dealers updated on Ducati’s evolving product line.

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Taking the Lead with iPad

For Ducati dealers, the DCS app on iPad makes all the difference when it comes to finding and ordering the right products, engaging customers in a personalized sales experience, and learning what’s new in all things Ducati. “It was clear from the start that iPad was the right device,” Silei says. “It’s the simplicity, the immediate usability. Everyone understands how it works in just a few minutes.”
And for customers, it’s one less barrier between the dream of owning a Ducati and the reality.
“You don’t buy a motorcycle every day,” Silei notes. “So..."

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