Virtual Faculty Summit 2013

July 15, 2013 streaming agenda*

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09:00–10:30 PDT Welcome
Opening Keynote: Innovation & Opportunity—The Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World 
Bill Gates Add
10:45–11:15 PDT  Research in Focus: SPAM Wars—The Systems Strike Back  Saikat Guha,
Stefan Savage
11:15–11:45 PDT  Research in Focus: Sign Language Translation Stewart Tansley,
Tim Pan,
Xilin Chen
12:00–12:30 PDT Research in Focus: Fueling the Future Harold Javid Add
12:30–13:30 PDT Opening Keynote Encore: Innovation & Opportunity—The Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World
(pre-recorded session)
Bill Gates Add
13:30–14:00 PDT Research in Focus: Prediction Engines  David Pennock,
Sanmay Das,
Robin Hanson
14:00–14:30 PDT Research in Focus: Social Media in Times of Crisis Andrés Monroy-Hernández,
Leysia Palen 
14:45–15:15 PDT Research in Focus: Quantum Computing—The Next Frontier  Krysta Svore,
Scott Aaronson,
Matthias Troyer  
15:15–15:45 PDT Research in Focus: The Coming Genomics Software Revolution Bill Bolosky,
Ravi Pandya, David Patterson
15:45–16:15 PDT Research in Focus: Designing a Better Tomorrow Lili Cheng,
Clay Shirky
16:30–17:30 PDT Closing Keynote: The Beast from Below—How Changes in the Hardware Ecosystem will Disrupt Computer Science Doug Burger  Add    
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