CastleStorm Review (PC)

 Ready for battle
System requirements:

Minimum system requirements

Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8
Single-core CPU 1.6GHz
512 MB of RAM
GeForce 6600 or Radeon 9800 or Intel HD 2000
DirectX 9.0
500 free hard drive space

Recommended system requirements

Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8
Dual-core CPU 2.00GHz
1024 MB of RAM
GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD 3670 or Intel HD 4000
DirectX 9.0c
800 of free hard drive space

 CastleStorm is another video game that takes the tired genre of tower defense and revitalizes it by introducing a set of new mechanics.

The experience created by Zen Studios manages to deliver an interesting set of gameplay ideas with some unique moments.

The story of the game isn’t too important to its gameplay, but it sets up the premise: Knights battle Vikings for control of a city and the player needs to combine various types of assets in order to make sure that the enemy troops are all killed before they are able to achieve their objective.

There are some colorful and bumbling characters that guide players through the single player and the team at Zen Studios tries to infuse their antics with some humor but the cutscenes are somewhat undercooked and I have often just skipped them to get to the good part of CastleStorm.

The game starts out as classic tower defense, with the player controlling a ballista that needs to fire projectiles on enemy forces in order to keep them away from a castle gate.

As the game progresses, gamers will get access to a wide variety of new projectiles, including an exploding apple, a spiked ball and sheep that have the ability to take down enemy fortifications.

Soon after, CastleStorm introduces friendly troops, ranging from paladins to mounted knights and archers, who march across the screen to the enemy gate and try to capture and bring back their precious flag.

Review image Review image
Incoming Vikings
Hero action

On top of that, the game also adds spells, the most important of which is the deployment of a hero.

Once he enters a level, CastleStorm shifts perspective and allows the player to assume control, using sword, bow and shield to take out enemies faster for a short period of time.

The three distinct mechanics require more attention than a standard tower defense and offer more variety.

They also create a very fun experience, a festival of destruction where I needed to constantly explore my options in order to deal with the various enemy types, make sure that they stayed out of my castle and that my flag was protected.

The game also offers a castle building layer and equipment screen where abilities, attacks and units can be upgraded with gold for improved efficiency in the field.


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