Foursquare Says It’s Ready to Impress You Now


Earlier this year, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley raised $41 million, and promised to use that money “to do the things we want to do.”

Today, he’s giving people a glimpse of what that looks like: A new feature that will allow (a few) Foursquare users to automatically get tips, from their phone, about a place they’re in, without having to boot up the app itself.
“This is the version of Foursquare that we’ve been talking about building for a long time,” Crowley says. He teased the idea yesterday, via this oblique Instagram post.

Foursquare isn’t giving the the feature a formal name, but is instead saying that it’s going to eventually be a core component of the location/discovery app. And Crowley argues that it’s going to be so great that it’s going to boost Foursquare’s growth, both by attracting new users and bringing back old ones who still think of it as a once-trendy “check in” app.

It’s a crucial bet for the company, which is fighting perceptions that it missed its shot to sell out to Yahoo or Apple, and that it will struggle to survive on its own.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work, according to Crowley: Users will turn on the Foursquare app, then leave it running on their phone, on background mode. Then “you just walk to places that you’ve never been before, you spend time in a place you’ve never been,” and Foursquare will occasionally send you a tip about the place — ie “try the soup” — via a push notification.
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Crowley says...
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