InFocus BigTouch review

InFocus BigTouch V3

A solidly built Windows 8 Pro giant let down by an unresponsive display and the absence of a front-facing camera.
Giant display, good build quality, Windows 8 Pro
Display is slightly unresponsive, no front camera, lacks InFocus productivity apps
Overall Rating:
3 Star Rating: Recommended
Price: £3,300
Manufacturer: InFocus

Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4GB Ram
Storage: 128GB flash SSD
Display: 55in touchscreen, 1920x1080pixels
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
Ports: S-Video, stereo 3.5mm mini jack input and output, six USB Type A ports, a single USB Type B port, VGA in and out,  two HDMI slots
Operating system: Windows 8 Pro
Dimensions: 1346x140x820mm

Be it medical professionals looking for ways to quickly access and display patient information, retail companies wanting to offer customers interactive catalogues, or business folk wishing to carry out basic group conference calling or Powerpoint presentations, giant touch PCs have the potential to become invaluable office tools. Well aware of this, for years now companies have explored how giant Windows PCs can help them.
Early 50in-plus slate PCs have struggled to entice users due to their high price, with most costing at least £6,000, and the fact they ran using earlier versions of Windows featuring traditional mouse and keyboard-focused user interfaces. With the arrival of Microsoft Windows 8, InFocus has looked to fix these issues, releasing its slightly more reasonably priced, £3,300, 55in BigTouch PC.InFocus BigTouch side
Design and build
The most noticeable thing about the BigTouch is that it's really big. The device measures in at a whopping 1,346x140x820mm and weighs 38kg. This is a slight issue as the BigTouch requires some assembly, tasking you either to wall-mount it, or screw two metal legs onto its base. While this sounds simple enough the device's weight and size did make it quite challenging. InFocus says that the BigTouch requires two people to lift and assemble it, though we found this was an optimistic estimate and it took three people to get it out of the box. This means that you need a very sturdy wall to hang the BigTouch, otherwise you'll be stuck standing it up using the attachable legs.
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