Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S review

Notepad mode

The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S is an ultra-flexible and powerful laptop with the option to convert into various different modes, making it a close to ideal hybrid laptop.

High-end design, sturdy build quality, full version of Windows 8, supports full Microsoft Office suite, good flexibility

Battery life could be better, no Intel Haswell support

Overall Rating:
4 Star Rating: Recommended
Price: £700
Manufacturer: Lenovo

Specifications :

Model: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S
Display: 11.6in 1080p (1366x768) touchscreen
Processor: Third-generation Intel Core i3
Memory: 4GB DDR3
Storage: 128GB SSD
Wireless connections: 802.11a/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth
Ports: 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HDMI-out, headset jack (Ethernet via USB adapter)
Dimensions: 298x204x17mm
Weight: 1.39kg

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The Yoga 11S is Lenovo's first ever "mini ultrabook" and the latest addition to its IdeaPad Yoga lineup, giving the previous 11in Yoga model a performance boost with a choice of third-generation Intel Core processors running Windows 8, as opposed to an ARM chip with Windows RT.
The original Ideapad Yoga 11 didn't impress, with a major lack of apps and application programs available to download onto it, such as Spotify and Google Chrome, and running the more basic Windows RT. However, with the same design and featuring the full version of Windows 8, the Yoga 11S should move beyond the shortcomings of the original Yoga 11.


As with its less-powerful sibling, the IdeaPad Yoga 11S has an 11.6in IPS HD graphics multitouch display with 1366x768 resolution. In the same way that we found with the Yoga 11, HD movies look brilliantly clear and vibrant.
We think the native resolution of 1366x768 is just about right for an 11in display, giving it plenty of screen real estate without making on-screen text appear too small. Pixels aren't visible unless you look closely and viewing angles are good, with moving images appearing sharp.
In the sun light in the garden
Touchscreen commands are very fluid and the Yoga 11S responds to them rapidly. We enjoyed using the touchscreen to skip between tabs and apps, which is a rarity in Windows 8.
The brightness of the Yoga 11S is similar to that of the Yoga 11 and doesn't match the level of brightness of its 13in counterpart, the Yoga 13. Nevertheless, it is bright enough for general day-to-day use, with the picture quality at a good level in a wide range of lighting conditions, even bright sunlight.
We used the Yoga 11S in a garden with sun directly overhead and we were still able to read what was on the screen, although as suspected, movies did look washed out.

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Build quality

The Yoga 11S appears to have top-notch build quality. It has a smart look and thanks to the soft-textured material covering the outside of the chassis – also used on the Yoga 11 and the Yoga 13 – it feels luxurious as well. This not only allows for a better grip but also gives it a very comfortable feel.
We found that the silver-grey finish is stylish but also simple enough to complement other devices you might want to use alongside it.
The good build quality of the Yoga 11S makes it feel sturdy. Both the keyboard and the screen feel robust, despite the Yoga 11S having a slim construction, measuring 298x204x17mm. For example, we could twist the display in opposite directions at both sides with it suffering no apparent damage.
Weighing just short of 1.4kg, the Yoga 11S is slightly heavier than its predecessor, which weighed 1.2kg, but it makes up for this added weight with its more powerful internal components, running the full version of Windows 8. It also weighs about the same as most other ultrabooks on the market presently.
Folded into tablet mode from notebook mode
One thing worth noting is that although the Yoga feels relatively lightweight in notebook mode, it can feel a bit heavy when it's folded 360 degrees to use as a tablet. On the other hand, there aren't many 11in tablets out there, so perhaps it's just the case that there are few models to compare it with, besides the more popular 7in and 10in tablets that dominate the market.


What makes the IdeaPad Yoga 11S stand out from many other Intel ultrabooks on the market is its 360-degree hinge. This flexibility makes it superior to many other 11in laptops out there, as the Yoga's simple design enables it to be used in a number of ways. Users can rotate the display back from "notebook mode" into either "tent mode", which allows the Yoga to be stood on its two parts so it can be watched on uneven surfaces; "stand mode", which enables the screen to be viewed while being supported by the keyboard; or "tablet mode", where the bottom of the keyboard and lid meet so it can be used as a tablet.
stand mode

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For us, "stand mode" proved to be the best for viewing movies, as it meant the keyboard was tucked away and out of sight with the display propped up and tilted to a desirable viewing angle. We used the notebook mode the most, as this is the traditional laptop configuration.
Tent mode
Tablet mode proved great for watching movies on public transport, but those used to an Android tablet or iPad will probably find the Yoga 11S is a little thick in tablet mode due to its built-in keyboard. Tent mode proved to be the least useful of the four modes the Yoga 11S is capable of flexing into, as we found no real need for it.
Tablet mode
Lenovo has built an accelerometer into the Yoga 11S so that the screen can detect what position it's in, landscape or portrait, and rotate accordingly. When in tablet mode, the Yoga 11S can be controlled manually via physical volume keys on the side as well as a start button on the front, so you don't have to open it up and control it using the keyboard.

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