Toshiba WT310 review

Toshiba WT310 Windows 8 tablet

Toshiba's WT310 offers decent performance and high-resolution display for professional users seeking a Windows tablet. However, battery life is short, and Toshiba makes the useful stylus an option while not offering UK buyers mobile broadband at all.

 Manufacturer: Toshiba
Toshiba's WT310 offers decent performance and high-resolution display for professional users seeking a Windows tablet. However, battery life is short, and Toshiba makes the useful stylus an option while not offering UK buyers mobile broadband at all.

Powerful and responsive; high-resolution 11.6in display; not too heavy

Short battery life; integrated battery; stylus extra; no mobile broadband
Overall Rating:
3 Star Rating: Recommended
Price: £899 + VAT
Manufacturer: Toshiba

Specifications : 

Model: Toshiba WT310-108
Display: 11.6in 1920x1080 TruBrite touch display with hardened IOX Glass
Processor: Intel Core i5-3339Y 1.5GHz
Memory: 4GB DDR3
Operating system: Windows 8 Pro (64-bit)
Storage: 128GB SSD
Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth
Ports: USB 3.0, micro HDMI, SD Card, dock, headset jack
Camera: 3MP rear, 1MP front-facing
Dimensions: 299x189x12.4mm
Battery: Six-cell 21Wh lithium ion
Weight: 825g

Review  :

Toshiba's WT310 is a Windows 8 tablet aimed at business users, sporting a Core i5 processor for performance while keeping its weight down to a reasonable 825g, making it a more or less a direct rival for Microsoft's Surface Pro device.
Announced in May and available to purchase now, the Toshiba WT310 is a slate-mode device with a high-resolution 11.6in display and a decent array of ports and connectivity options. This, however, does not stretch to mobile broadband in the UK.
Toshiba has equipped the device with a range of corporate-friendly features, including a trusted platform module (TPM) security chip and Intel's Anti-Theft technology, which enables admins to disable a lost or stolen device.
However, the model Toshiba loaned us for this review (the WT310-108) does not include Intel's vPro technology for security and management, which is only available on the top-end model in the WT310 line. The use of a Core processor also means that battery life is relatively short compared with other tablets, such as Apple's iPad or other Windows 8 devices based on Intel Atom chips.
Toshiba WT310


The WT310 is a decent size, larger than either Apple's iPad or Microsoft's Surface Pro, but without being too bulky or heavy to use. At 299x189x12.4mm, Toshiba's device is about the same depth as an iPad in landscape mode, but is wider thanks to its letterbox-style 11.6in display.
At 825g, the WT310 weighs less than Microsoft's tablet, although it has to be said that the Surface Pro is at the heavy end for what is acceptable in a slate device. The WT310 matches the Surface on display resolution, sporting a bright 1920x1080 full HD screen.
In fact, we found the WT310 did not feel excessively heavy, despite weighing nearly 200g more than Apple's iPad. It also feels reassuringly well built, and Toshiba claims it has a resilient plastic coating that ensures the internal components are protected against damage from accidental drops or knocks. The screen is also protected by what Toshiba describes as hardened IOX Glass, which appears to be similar to Corning's Gorilla Glass.
Most of the external features of the WT310 have been crammed onto the right-hand edge of the device. Here you will find the tablet's power button, next to which is a small hole into which a paperclip or similar object can be inserted to force the device to shut down, if this should become necessary.
Below these is a button to toggle the display's autorotate function on or off, the tablet's volume up-down control and a pair of LED indicators for power and battery charge status.
Further down is a headset audio jack socket, a single USB 3.0 port, micro HDMI output and a full-sized SD Card slot for adding flash storage cards, plus the power socket.
On the lower edge of the WT310 there is also a dock connector for Toshiba's optional desktop cradle accessory, plus slimline slots where the system's speakers are located.
Toshiba WT310
Toshiba did not supply us with a desktop cradle for our test, but this provides a gigabit Ethernet connection to LAN, two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI output for connecting to a desktop monitor.
As is typical with tablet devices, the 11.6in display of the WT310 fills nearly all the front fascia, with a slimline Windows button underneath this and a discrete microphone and front-facing camera lens above.
The front-facing camera is a 1MP type, largely provided for video calls and webconferencing, while a 3MP camera is located at the rear. As we have often found to be the case with tablets, the latter turned out to produce rather grainy and out-of-focus images when used as a still camera, especially when compared to the results you can get from many smartphone cameras.

Toshiba has equipped the WT310 with an Intel Core i5 processor, specifically the Core i5-3339Y clocked at 1.5GHz on the unit we tested. This is a dual-core chip with Intel Hyper-Threading support and Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, which ups the clock speed to a maximum 2GHz when called for, so long as thermal limits permit.

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