iPad 5: Everything we think we know about the specs, release date, and price of the next iPad

A (rumored) look at the iPad 5's very iPad Mini-looking case. You'll get a lot of that in this First Take.
(Credit: Sonny Dickson) The iPhone 5S is out! What's next? The 5th generation iPad of course.
It is highly likely a new iPad will be unveiled by Apple in mid-October. The fourth-generation iPad was first shown at an event in October 2012, a few weeks after the iPhone 5's unveiling, and rumors point to a repeat of Apple's 2012 late-game shenanigans.

What we know

Officially? Nothing. Apple hasn't said one word about its next iteration of the full-size iPad.

What we think know

When will it will be announced?
Rumors currently point to an October 15 event.

Its case design

According to pictures posted by Sonny Dickson, the fifth-generation iPad isn't too dissimilar from the current design of the iPad Mini. The case is narrower than the iPad 4, has thinner bezels, with more-rounded edges, and according to KGI Securities analyst Mingchi Kuo, it's said to be about 15 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter than the iPad 4.

While the rumored case design wouldn't be a radical change, it would address a few annoyances about the iPad 4's look and feel. Namely, its much too sharp edges, wide width, and body corpulence. A more-rounded iPad 5 could mean an iPad 5 that's much more comfortable to hold.

It won't be larger than 9.7 inches

Although Apple is reportedly testing larger screen sizes -- up to 13 inches -- for future versions of the iPad, it would appear that we wouldn't see a release of a larger iPad until 2014 at the earliest.

It won't be any more or less expensive

With the iPhone 5S, Apple kept its normal pricing structure -- a $199 starting price for the subsidized model -- and if pricing history is anything to go by, the base-level 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad 5 will start at $499.
The purported casings for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.
(Credit: Sonny Dickson)

When can we expect a release?

Probably early November, same as last year.

What we want to see

Much of my iPad wish list was covered above, but here are a few more things I'd love to see Apple throw in for good measure. Just to be clear, a fingerprint scanner on the iPad isn't something I'm particularly excited about.

An upgraded A7 (A7X) processor

The iPhone 5S' A7 is a powerful piece of silicon, but if history is anything to go by it will pale in comparison to the iPad 5's expected A7X. With a larger higher-resolution screen, the iPad 5's GPU has more pixels to render, which means more work and a higher bandwidth requirement.
So, don't be surprised if we see a few extra GPU cores in the A7X.

A better camera

Look, much to my embarrassment, people still use their iPads to take pictures in the exact manner as they would their smartphones. It's not going to stop, so Apple might as well lean into it and give these budding awkward-looking photographers something to get excited about.

The slim bezel of the iPad 5. Probably.
  (Credit: Sonny Dickson)
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