Life Is Very Different for T-Mobile U.S. Now That It Finally Has an iPhone to Sell

For the past several years, the launch of a new iPhone marked the start of a painful time for T-Mobile U.S., which lacked Apple’s phones in its lineups.

Oh, what a difference a year makes. When the new products go on sale next week, T-Mobile will have the same iPhone lineup as rivals Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.
“It is so much fun to be on this side of the ledger,” said longtime T-Mobile executive Andrew Sherrard. “It is fantastic.”
Now the challenge for T-Mobile — and for the others — is to make the case why its network and plans are the way to go.
For the others, it will be largely the same story as last time around — Sprint will tout its unlimited data, Verizon the breadth of its LTE network, and AT&T can tout, among other benefits, the ability to talk and text at the same time.

T-Mobile, meanwhile, is hoping to play up its “uncarrier” pitch. To heighten the appeal, the company is offering the 16 gigabyte iPhone 5c for no money down, with payments of $22 a month. That’s an introductory price, but represents a slight discount from the phone’s standard unsubsidized price in addition to the appeal of no upfront cost.

For the iPhone 5s, T-Mobile is charging $99 down and roughly $23 a month for 24 months.
AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, meanwhile, are each charging $99 for the 16GB iPhone 5c with a two-year contract and $199 for the 16GB iPhone 5s.

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