Fujitsu Celvin NAS Server Q902 review

Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q902 

Fujitsu's Celvin NAS Server Q902 is a powerful and versatile network storage device that can fulfil a broad range of functions in a small business. Like many comparable systems, this flexibility may make it too complex for many SMEs, unless reseller support is available.
Flexible, compact, expandable up to 18TB with 3TB drives
May prove complex to configure, cost rapidly increases as drives added
Overall Rating:
4 Star Rating: Recommended
Price: £648 (diskless); £1,205 (filled with 2TB drives as reviewed)
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Model: Celvin NAS Server Q902
Chassis: Desktop
Processor: Intel 2.1GHz Atom D270x
Memory: 2GB
Storage: Six drive bays for 3.5in or 2.5in Sata 3 drives, up to 18TB
Platform: Fujitsu firmware version 3.7.3
Host connectivity: Two 1Gbps Ethernet ports
Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 2x eSATA ports
Dimensions: 175x257x235mm


Fujitsu's Celvin NAS Server Q902 is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance aimed at small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), designed to serve as a centralised network file repository but also capable of acting as a print server, web server and a MySQL database server.

Announced earlier this year and available now, the Celvin NAS Server Q902 is a small enclosure about the size of a Dualit toaster that can easily stand unobtrusively on a desktop or other suitable surface.
The Q902 is in fact very similar to many NAS appliances from other vendors targeting the SMB market such as Synology and Qnap, and offers similar capabilities. Likewise, it enables small businesses to start with a basic file server configuration, then expand later by adding more storage as necessary and enabling more features from a range of built-in applications.

In fact, the Q902 appears ultimately to be based on Qnap hardware, although Fujitsu appears to develop its own firmware and applications.
Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q902
Also like Synology's products, the base price of the Q902 is for a bare unit without drives, and adding these can easily double the purchase cost, depending on the quality and capacity the customer chooses to fit.
The Q902 is in fact a very capable piece of kit that can be fitted with up to six drives, with Fujitsu offering configurations up to 18TB. It can also be used as an iSCSI target as part of a storage area network (SAN) configuration and supports advanced features such as thin provisioning, should customers require this.

In terms of hardware, the Q902 has six front-facing bays fitted with caddies for quick removal and replacement. As an SMB product, these are SATA drives rather than SAS, but either 3.5in or 2.5in can be fitted. The caddies can be individually locked into place using a key to prevent accidental or unauthorised removal.

Also at the front is an LCD status panel with two buttons to navigate it, the power switch and a USB 2.0 port with a one-touch copy button for reading USB storage devices.

The LCD status panel can be used to configure the Q902, but it is so fiddly and the screen is so small that users would be much better using the browser-based administration tool from a computer.

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