Smartphones at CES and beyond: Big, bendy, 64-bit

A look at the year's upcoming trends for Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show and into 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy Round (top) and LG G Flex could ring in a new era of curves.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET) CES, the largest consumer electronics show in North America, often sets the stage for smartphone technology and trends in the coming year.
There are plenty of those brewing for 2014 even beyond the big show, from the smartphone's screen size and shape to the stuff that goes inside and even pairs to a watch on your wrist or glasses on your face. Here's what we'll see for the year ahead.
More big screens
Smartphones with ultra-large screens are now everywhere, originally ramping up after Samsung's success with the Galaxy Note series. Huawei used CES 2013 as a platform for introducing the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate whopper. Since then, we've seen at least seven more significant smartphones come into being with screens larger than 5 inches.
HTC and Nokia have both jumped in with their first "phablet" efforts, the 5.9-inch HTC One Max and 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520. Samsung and LG's curved phones, measuring 5.7 inches and 6 inches, respectively, demonstrate how a contoured display can reduce the phone's edge-to-edge footprint.
More large-screen phones from major manufacturers seem likely.

Higher resolutions

2014 will open the door to razor-sharp resolutions that'll go along with those ultra-large screens. In fact, rumors of phones with 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution are already surfacing. One case in point, the Samsung Galaxy S5, which could wind up with a 560-pixel density.

There are also incremental real world forays in 4K, like last February's demo in which, LG showed off impressive 4K "upscaling" technology for mirroring on an ultra high-res TV.

Curved displays on the horizon

After years of prototypes and CES demos, both Samsung and LG brought phones with flexible displays to market in quick succession.

The Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex may only be available in South Korea for now, but the two handsets' very different approaches to arched displays have enough real-world benefits to warrant showing up in phones intended for more regions.

If we don't see US variants of curved-screen phones at CES, expect them soon after. LG confirmed with CNET that the G Flex will come to the US in 2014, and rumors are already piling up that Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all carrier contenders.
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