Top 10 Apple iPhone benefits over Android devices

Apple and Android continue to dominate the smartphone market. Samsung has led the fight against Apple with its range of Galaxy devices, while HTC and Sony also offer support to the Android army.

One area where Apple has struggled to fight back against Android is price, with the firm refusing to release budget devices to target the mid-market. Even the 8GB iPhone 5C version released this week costs a significant £429.

However, price has never been an area where Apple has tried to compete and instead its devices have plenty of other key features and selling points.

So, after listing our top 10 Android devices earlier this month, we have put together the top 10 areas where we think Apple has the edge on Android. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments box below.

10. Quick and easy to use
apple-ios-7-searchWhile learning how to use any new piece of kit can take some time, even the most confused tech user can master an iPhone in a short while. The layout is simple, with everything given a clear symbol and name, such as Settings or Camera.

It's easy to add email accounts and change key settings too. Compare this with the confusing widgets and icons layout of Android – which can vary from one phone to the next as firms load their bloatware and software tweaks – and Apple definitely has the edge.

The fact the interface is the same on iPads too only adds to the ease of use that makes Apple so popular.

9. Lots of high-quality peripherals
A Swiss Army knife with the Linux penguin logoSince smartphones first appeared on the scene, gadget companies have worked to create new add-ons to expand their functionality. Interestingly, despite boasting a bigger market share than Apple, the peripherals market has tended to be more focused on iPhones than Android handsets.

This is because, being an open platform, there is no uniformity within the Android ecosystem regarding key factors, such as the size of devices or the software version they run. As a result creating a peripheral for an Android phone isn't as easy or lucrative for the gadget maker as it would be for them to do it on an iPhone, because its dimensions and software are strictly controlled by Apple.

As a result, the iPhone is a far more solid choice for users looking to pimp their smartphones.

8. Sensible screen sizes
uktv-c4-greatest-comedy-shows-3-1For the past few years Android phones have grown massively in screen size. In fact some have become so comically large that watching someone make a phone call on them almost resembles a scene from old comedy show Trigger Happy TV. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 5.7in for example.

By contrast the iPhone remains a normal-sized phone that fits easily in your jacket of trouser pocket without creating an unfortunate bulge, while also being comfortable to hold while making calls or writing text messages.

Some claim the iPhone is too small for enjoying video or web browsing, but most iPhone owners would probably dispute this. It seems clear that Apple’s design gurus, led by Sir Jony Ive, are more than happy to stick with a sensible 4in display.

7. Still the best-looking phones on the market
Apple iPhone 5S in space grey gold and silverOne area where Apple has always had an edge is overall allure. Despite years of competition, iPhone devices remain the best looking on the market, with sleek edges and clean lines being the hallmark of Ive's work at Apple.

In fact, the designs are so good that Ive received a knighthood for his work. And who are we to argue with the Queen?

This is not to say devices from firms such as Samsung, Sony or HTC do not have good design too, but the benchmark against which they are all judged remains the iPhone, and Apple seems unlikely to lose this position of authority anytime soon. Just so long as the next iPhone is not rhombus shaped.

6. Clear point of contact for support from Apple
iPad users in an Apple storeApple’s customer service and technical support is another reason to opt for an iPhone. If you’re having issues with your iPhone – be it with setting up an email account or getting music onto your smartphone – staff at Apple’s Genius Bar will show you how. Simply book an appointment at a local Apple Store, and the blue-shirted experts will offer their technical advice for free.

Furthermore, Apple also offers a one-year warranty on its devices for a range of issues, so if the worst should happen it will likely be fixed or replaced free of charge. This does not cover all issues but does provide a clear point of contact should your phone become faulty.

If not, it could be worth signing up to AppleCare+, an insurance scheme especially for iPhones, which offers hardware coverage, software support and direct access to Apple experts for technical support. 
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