There have been countless leaks leading up to the the Build 2014 reveal of Nokia's latest devices - but how does the Finnish company's Lumia 635 budget phone stack up against the other affordable options?

Two budget Lumias were announced and the candy colored 635 is practically identical twins with the 630. The only noticeable difference in specs between the two models is the fact that the 630 comes in 3G with both single and dual SIMs. The 635, on the other hand, has 4G LTE.

Additionally, the 630 won't be seeing a US release while the 635 will be getting an unspecified worldwide release. T-Mobile, MetroPCS , AT&T and Aio - an AT&T subsidiary - have all announced they're carrying the device which will retail for $189 (about £114, AU$205).

The Lumia 635 comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and only 512MB of RAM, which means it doesn't have a lot of extra horsepower. But swiping tiles around and moving between applications wasn't horrible. Rather, the transitions were smooth and apps opened quickly.

At only 8GB on internal memory, there also isn't a lot of on board storage - though you do get 7GB of OneDrive cloud storage and a MicroSD slot that supports up to 128GB.

Nokia Lumia 635
Like a moth to a flame, it's apparent the bright colors are meant to attract lots of people - possibly the crowd that enjoys the iPhone 5C - though of course Nokia has been out with rainbow hued devices for much longer.

Stephen Elop, Nokia Executive Vice President of Devices and Services, also mentioned during the conference, and again at Nokia's More event that the ability to "color coordinate" with the phones makes them cool accessories.

The Lumia 635 comes in five different colors: orange, green, yellow (all noted as "bright") plus the classic white and black. Again, like the iPhone 5C, there are also two different kinds of changeable shells, or covers: matte and a two-toned option.

The neon colors don't make it completely pleasing to the eye though. The 635 is a bit on the chunky side but still manages to fit in a pants pocket. It also doesn't particularly stand out against all the other bright Lumias out there.

Nokia Lumia 635
The ClearBlack screen comes in a modest 4.5-inches with a resolution of 854x480 pixels. It's not superb but you get what you pay for - which is still a decent display.

Nokia has been touting its phones as great cameras but the 635 doesn't seem to fully fit the bill. Unlike the Lumia 930 and other Windows phones, the 635 doesn't have a dedicated camera button on the side so you'll just have to rely on the touchscreen button.

Nokia Lumia 635
The camera is 5MP and shoots video in 720p with no front-facing snapper and no flash anywhere to be seen. But again, these are concessions you'll have to live with for an affordable smartphone.

Still, the photos I took were nice to look at and like the other Lumia cameras, there are multiple photography editing functions present.