CES 2012: Apple’s mystery TV is year’s hottest phantom gadget

Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images
LAS VEGAS — Once again, Apple Inc. is conspicuous by its absence.
As the technology world descends on Las Vegas this week for the industry’s annual game of show that is the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s most valuable technology company is, as per usual, nowhere to be seen.
Apple doesn’t exhibit at CES. The Cupertino, California-based computer giant has long employed a strategy of launching new products and services at its own carefully times and scripted press events, where it can command the spotlight.
Still, despite its absence, Apple is consistently one of the most talked about companies each year at CES, as rumours and speculation run rampant while the tech world wonders what the company might have up its sleeve.
Of course, this year is no exception. With rumours of an Apple flatscreen television set flowing freely this year, some of the biggest names in the technology industry are already rushing to outmaneuver their most cunning rival, despite the fact Apple hasn’t announced anything at all.
Part of the reason so much attention is paid to Apple in Las Vegas each January is that the company tends to launch new products in the weeks following CES. The iPhone was actually unveiled during CES in 2007, but at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco.
Two years ago at CES, amid rumours that Apple was preparing to launch a tablet, computer manufacturers and software companies were tripping over one another to show off their own touchscreen computing devices.

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