Camera360 v2.0 for WP8 is here!
 If you love taking pictures every where you go, or if you just want to take a good picture once in a while, then Camera360 is made for you!

We all know about the apps that helps our camera to take good pictures, or customize them. There are way too many apps of this genre , but on top of them, is CAMERA360 , which is the best camera app at this moment.

A short time ago,  Chengdu PinGuo Technology  dropped the new version of the app, v2.0 , with the new name "TIME CAMERA". They say that this app 'brings back your lost memory' , and I can't disagree with them! The 6 new nostalgic effects remind me of the old look of a photo, which is amazing, considering the fact that everyone nowadays is trying to forget of the past.

Now, lets see what the new version of Camera360  contains :

First of all, a new fascinating introduction video : 

Secondly, the new 'TIME CAMERA' , which is my favorite! Because it includes 6 more effects, and  now I can take photos with my phone, that looks just like my grandmothers, actually she was pretty amazed by those effects too. All that you have to do, if you want to use time camera, is sliding the shooting icon, than choose what type of effect you prefer.

Thirdly, the thing that really helps this app to be an real editing photos program, is that now you can adjusted the strength of effect, in the editing page.

In addition , you can pin the app to start, and you'll get the latest news from Camera360

In conclusion, the new version give us the opportunity to explore the feeling of the past days. I truly appreciate the work that the developers of Camera360 has done till now, and I expect them to keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see what they are going to do next.

DOWNLOAD NOW the new version!

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