Sony's 2nd generation 4K media player does Netflix
( Image from: CNET )

Last summer Sony was first to the mass market with a media player capable of delivering 4K video, and now the second generation has been announced, model FMP-X10, maintaining Sony's lead in the race to bring 4K content home.

The biggest new feature is the ability to stream Netflix's 4K content, which just began rolling out. Like its predecessor, it also includes a large hard drive--1TB--for storing and playing back 4K movies and TV shows downloaded from Sony's Video Unlimited 4K service.

Sony says the service now offers 200 titles in 4K, including recent films like "American Hustle" and future releases like "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Notable TV series like "The Blacklist" and "Breaking Bad" are also on tap. Pricing is typically $7.99 to rent for 24 hours or $29.99 to buy.

Between Netflix and the on-demand service, Sony's new player offers more content than any 4K device, but like the previous version it only works with Sony's 4K TVs--not those of Samsung, LG, Panasonic, or others. Samsung recently announced a hard drive that works with its own 4K TVs and comes with a few pre-loaded 4K films, but doesn't offer a download service yet.

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