Top 10 Windows Phone perks over Android and iOS

Android and Apple devices dominate the smartphone market. Research frequently shows that the two operating systems enjoy huge leads over Microsoft, in third place with its Windows Phone operating system.

However, it is clear that Redmond has no desire to give up on its attempts to push into the smartphone market, with its recent Windows Phone 8.1 update including a raft of new features to try and tempt buyers. Furthermore, with its purchase of Nokia due to be finalised soon, Microsoft will no doubt continue to push its platform hard, as it attempts to close the gap on its rivals.

So, after giving Android and iOS their chance to shine, here we pick out some of the key features of the Windows Phone world that could entice you away from the big two.

10. Good performance without breaking the bank
Nokia Lumia 625 press shotWhile Android does offer a slew of cheap devices, the vast majority of these use middling components and come with bare-bones specifications. When it comes to Apple, of course, price is never going to be anything other than premium.

Windows Phone, by comparison, has very low system requirements, so it is able to run smoothly with average components.

This has been showcased on several devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 625 (shown in our video review below) and Lumia 720, which not only offer solid performance, but do so at price points that any business or individual can justify splashing out on.

9. Outlook and Exchange Server access
Microsoft's Outlook Mobile email client is one of the most useful and user-friendly smartphone services available.
Microsoft sign in
Like the Windows Phone People Hub, it lets users collate all their email accounts – including Microsoft services and third-party ones such as Gmail – into one user-friendly feed, making managing work and personal emails a far simpler task.

As an added perk, concerned CIOs will be able to control smartphones connected to the network thanks to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 integration, which grants them full Information Rights Management powers.

8. Cortana voice assistant on its way
Cortana screenshot for Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant updateApple was the first to tout a digital voice assistant as a nifty addition to its iPhones in the form of Siri, and despite its somewhat hit-and-miss output, it can be a handy tool when you’re driving or too lazy to type. Google followed Siri with Google Now.

Microsoft has now followed suit with the addition of its own voice assistant in its latest Windows Phone update. Even better for fans of the classic Halo franchise, Microsoft has named it Cortana, the game's helpful female guide, and roped in the same actress to provide the voice.

It’s not a ground-breaking must-have addition, but just another tick in the box for Windows Phone against the benchmark set by Apple. Microsoft will begin rolling this out later in the year.

7. Microsoft-Nokia tie-up to streamline device development
Nokia Lumia 1020 three quarterBuying a Windows Phone leaves you almost exclusively choosing between Nokia’s range of Lumia devices. This is no bad thing, though, as the Lumia range boasts some impressive devices, not least the 41MP 1020 camera phone.

With Microsoft now about to complete its buy of Nokia, this should only improve as the two companies combine their research and development muscle and continue to enhance and improve these devices.

The model of creating one portfolio of devices built for a specific operating system has proved widely successful for Apple and the iPhone, so Microsoft and Nokia could well create similar success going forward.

6. No malware
malware virus securityFor the past few years security firms have been warning that criminals are altering their malware campaigns to target mobile operating systems.

But so far the campaigns have generally focused on Google's Android operating system while Windows Phone has remained blissfully malware free.

This is, in part, due to its low market share – recent data suggests it has a share of around 10 percent in the UK – but mainly due to Microsoft's robust set of security procedures. The firm vets any application seeking to run on Windows Phone, ensuring malware-ridden Trojan apps don't get a look in.

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